We are found in 2008 serving more than 500 retail clients today. We are committed to provide customers with a one-stop OMO digital integration solution to deliver the RIGHT Solution, Right Service, Right Choice for Revenue Growth.

OMO Company Values
We Care
IN OMO the number one focus for us, are that we care what we can deliver the best result for our customers.
We Promise
Being a leading company in the industry, we will deliver what we promise to our customers. We will ensure we not just get it done and we promise we will do it right, to ensure our client have a peace of mind after subscribed to our service.
We never settle
No matter what the requirements are from our customers, we will ensure we listen and collect all the information, do our best with all parties to ensure can deliver what we agreed with customers.
We are your Partner
Our key philosophy within OMO is every employee will treat our customers business as our own business. We are not your vendor, we are you partners, we will make sure your growth equals to our growth, we want to grow with you. Customer Satisfaction is the key for us to growth.
Successful Project
Work Experience
Increase in average order value
Our mission is to provide industry best Growth Management Platform to serve the Asian Market. We have strong technical development team and a mature operating team to continuously meet and exceed customer needs. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches or subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and other regions. It is committed to helping domestic and foreign brands expand their business in target markets.
We strive to be the best in the industry by partnering with our clients leveraging the power of WE. We understand market's need to provide the Right Solution, Right Service, Right Audience to grow Revenue for every single client.